All HGI programs endeavour to integrate and involve as many community educators as possible. To date over a hundred community experts from a wide variety of backgrounds have shared their knowledge and experiences with HGI students. Providing opportunities for locals and students to share their voices, exchange best-practices, and come together to collaborate enriches learning and provides the bedrock upon which community development rests and HGI's activities are grounded.

  • "HGHES has so many connections that give [Haida Gwaii Semesters] a wide range of experiences. There is such a strong community and I felt very included while on Haida Gwaii.”
    Kimberly Sandve
  • “Speakers and the variety of individuals who come in and share with us are really gardeners in disguise. I make this claim because those who come in plant seeds of change within us. They nurture our minds with messages and thoughts that allow us to grow, forming roots in this community, and blooming fruits that we will take home with us to share with those who are tempted to take a bite, into the retelling and sharing of these stories.”
    Alyssa Stapleton