HGI understands that for some students participation in the Haida Gwaii Semesters or Summer Sessions is not possible without financial assistance. In an effort to respond to this need, HGI has worked with external agencies to identify funding that HGI students are eligible to apply for when accepted into one of our programs.

For more details on each funding program, and how to apply, please contact HGI by email:, or call 1-250-559-7885 ext. 232.

Gwaii Trust Society Bursary Grant for HGI Haida Gwaii Semesters

Eligibility: Available to all residents of Haida Gwaii who are planning to attend an HGI – Haida Gwaii Semester on a full time basis (all five courses) and demonstrate a financial need. A resident is a person who has lived on Haida Gwaii for the previous 12 consecutive months and/or whose primary residence is Haida Gwaii but is currently away studying at university or college.
Amount: Up to $7,000 is available per students attending either the Natural Resource Science (Sept. to Dec. 2018); or Reconciliation Studies (Sept. to Dec. 2018).

Gwaii Trust Society Off-Island Student Continuing Education Grant

Eligibility: A limited number of grants will also be available to “off island” students attending any Haida Gwaii post secondary institution such as HGI Haida Gwaii Semesters and Haida Gwaii Summer Terms. These grants will be available to individuals that can demonstrate financial need.
Amount: 10 grants per year will be available to a maximum of $1,500 per individual.

UBC Faculty of Forestry Haida Gwaii Semester Travel Grants

Eligibility: UBC Faculty of Forestry students registered in a Haida Gwaii Semester
Amount: 5 grants per year valued at $6,000 each.

Indspire Post-Secondary Education (PSE) Grant

Eligibility: Canadian Aboriginal person that can demonstrate financial need.
Amount: A maximum of $2,600 per academic year.

Tribal Resources Investment Corporation (TRICORP) Employment, Skills & Training Services Grant

Eligibility: An Aboriginal person who is currently a student, or not working, and who resides in TRICORP's region, which extends (east to west) from Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) to Burns Lake, Hartley Bay to the south and north to the Yukon border.
Amount: Up to a maximum of $5,000 per annum, per individual.

Nisga’a Employment, Skills and Training (NEST) Grant

Eligibility: A Nisga'a citizen.
Amount: Up to a maximum of $5,000 per annum, per individual.

Aboriginal Community Career Employment Services Society (ACCESS) Grant

Eligibility: An Aboriginal person, Canadian citizen and Metro Vancouver resident.
Amount: Varies. Please contact HGI for more information.

New Relationship Trust Foundation (NRTF) Post-Secondary Bursary Award

Eligibility: All First Nation students from BC who are planning on attending an accredited post-secondary institution on a full-time basis.
Amount: 50 Bursaries per annum of $2,000 per individual.
Application Deadline: First Call June 6th at noon; Second Call September 12th at noon.
More information:

RBC Indigenous Student Awards Program

Eligibility: Indigenous (status, non-status, Metis, and Inuit) individual in full-time studies at a Canadian post-secondary institution with at least two years remaining in their studies; permanent resident of citizen of Canada; and requires financial assistance to pursue their education.
Amount: $4,000 each academic year for two to four years.
Application Deadline: $4,000 each academic year for two to four years.
More information:

Irving K. Barber Post-Secondary Student Award

Eligibility: A First Nations (Status or Non-Status), Inuit or Metis; a resident of BC; will be registered as a full-time student; and your course of study, including that of HGI programming, will be no less than two semesters.
Amount: $1,000-2,000 per year, and are invited to renew each year.
Application Deadline: March 31st of each year.
More information:

First Citizens Fund Student Bursary Program

Eligibility: Aboriginal (status, non-status, Metis, and Inuit) post-secondary students that are in financial need, perrmanent residents in British Columbia for six months or more at the time of application; and registered full-time in a minimum two-year academic program at any BC recognized post-secondary institution.
Amount: This small but helpful bursary is distributed to all students who meet the eligibility criteria on a first come, first served basis.
Application Deadline: Deadlines posted on website after each academic term is completed.
More information: