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September 27 – October 4, 2021

Online synchronous sessions each weekday for three hours starting at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern

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Navigating Canadian Law and Policy Regarding Indigenous Peoples


Online synchronous sessions each weekday

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  •  Innovation Leadership Participant
    “Among many pieces of strong content, the biggest value was the local connections with Haida leaders and community members; their honesty and openness with us - their stories were grounding and let us get a glimpse at what the future might be.”
    Innovation Leadership Participant
    Haida Gwaii Professional Development
  • “Haida people have had an intrinsic connection with this land for thousands of years. The work of our ancestors is present in the forest today and we continue our struggle to protect these sacred workplaces and the forests that contain them. The forests, lands and waters of Haida Gwaii have much to teach about a sustainable connection between human beings and the nature world. The Council of the Haida Nation supports […] educational programs that bring students from across Canada to experience the uniqueness of Haida Gwaii and Haida culture”
    Gidansda <i>Guujaaw</i>
    Former President of the Haida Nation